Protecting and Preserving

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We are a grass roots organization that started in our creators living room (literally) with an emphasis on dogs but quickly expanded to all animals. RAWs website, and social pages were developed and our mission is simple, to reach the public to educate and counteract the lies of the Animal Rights propaganda while supporting logical regulation that promotes animal welfare that defends animal ownership. With a simple,friendly, and easy to use website we were able to reach thousands of people within the first week of launch.

RAW is no longer a single person but rather a growing mentality that animal lovers across this country and worldwide have had enough. Enough of strangling regulations, enough of bans, enough of zoning changes, enough of lobby groups that have no professional experience pushing for laws that only hurt animals and their owners. No RAW members will be publicly named for the protection of themselves and their families from the harassment, cyber bullying and criminal activity of the radical lunatics that want to end all human/animal bonds. What we will tell you about us is that we have all been in the pet industry for many, many years. RAW members have been and are involved in various animal enterprises involving many different species, dog breeders, exhibiters, pet trainers, pet groomers, boarding kennel owners, pet shop owners, bird breeders, cat breeders, horse breeders and exhibiters, reptile keepers, animal shelter workers, veterinarian technicians, the list goes on and on.