About Real Animal Welfare – Real Animal Welfare is an organization that believes the best way to defeat the animal rights movements lies and mistruths is to show the world what’s REAL and what’s propaganda.

We are a grass roots organization that started in our creators living room (literally) with an emphasis on dogs but quickly expanded to all animals.  RAWs website, and social pages were developed and our mission is simple, to reach the public to educate and counteract the lies of the Animal Rights propaganda while supporting logical regulation that promotes animal welfare that defends animal ownership.  With a simple,friendly, and easy to use website we were able to reach thousands of people within the first week of launch.

Our Website launched with several great featured pages and information that was not available online, or all in one convent place. RAW launched with hundreds of Dog Breeding Kennel photos. These kennels included USDA licensed Breeders, State Licensed Breeders as well as Hobby Breeders.  On top of that we show the transportation of puppies throughout the country, by showing several pictures of Mobile kennels.  RAW members have many years of experience in various animal industries and have personally visited many different venues, including numerous commercial dog kennels.  RAW takes photos of all facilities as well as the dogs living in the facility and spends time with breeders and their families whenever possible to get a sense of their individual goals and passions. This gave us the opportunity to launch with quite a bit of content. These three import pages can still be found on Real Animal Welfare, as we add to them monthly.

Now that RAW has grown, we are expanding.  We will be expanding our dog breeders and pet store content as well as other content, including our shelter and rescue section.  We feel strongly that shelters and rescues need to be highly regulated and publicly exposed when they fall short of basic humane care of the animals they claim to want to help . We are also expanding into such areas as exotic animals, as well as farming and agriculture to combat the Animal Rights lies about “Factory Farming” and where our food sources come from and how they are treated before feeding the nation.  RAW has grown so quickly simply because our methods of reaching the general population is straightforward and easy to source. After all, we are Real Animal Welfare.


RAW was launched in January 2016, originally as a frustrated response to combat a potential Pet Store and Dog Breeder Ban in New Jersey by a Senator that is so entrenched in his support of the “adopt don’t shop” mentality that he believes that HIS ideology should be shoved down the throats of every voter in his state. RAW supports real animal welfare AND the public’s freedom of choice when obtaining a pet. Whether a person wants to buy online, direct, from a Pet Store or from a shelter or rescue group, the public has the right to choose, adopt OR shop, it’s your choice.

Who is RAW

RAW is no longer a single person but rather a growing mentality that animal lovers across this country and worldwide have had enough.  Enough of strangling regulations, enough of bans, enough of zoning changes, enough of lobby groups that have no professional experience pushing for laws that only hurt animals and their owners.  No RAW members will be publicly named for the protection of themselves and their families from the harassment, cyber bullying and criminal activity of the radical lunatics that want to end all human/animal bonds. What we will tell you about us is that we have all been in the pet industry for many, many years. RAW members have been and are involved in various animal enterprises involving many different species, dog breeders, exhibiters, pet trainers, pet groomers, boarding kennel owners, pet shop owners, bird breeders, cat breeders, horse breeders and exhibiters, reptile keepers, animal shelter workers, veterinarian technicians, the list goes on and on.

***From time to time some people in the public have come to know RAW members.  We ask that out of respect and safety for our members as well as to allow us to continue our work, if you know the name of a member of RAW, please do not discuss or share this information with anyone!