Andrea & Dustin Ratterree

Breeder Name: Andrea & Dustin Ratterree

Kennel Name: Bear Ridge Pups

United States Department of Agriculture License Number: 

State License Number:  

Address: PO Box 866 Cabool MO 65689

Breeder Information: 

Andrea and her husband Dustin have been breeding for close to a year. Together they have a daughter and another child on the way! Both are very excited to welcome the new addition and bring another animal lover into the family! Andrea is a mental health case worker which she has been doing for three years. She has always had a great love for dogs. Her mom bred dogs growing up and she always found herself drawn to the dogs and puppies. Whether she was playing and socializing with them, cleaning up after them, training them, she always wanted to be with them. Andrea and Dustin love being on their farm, spending time with their family and being in God’s presence.

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