I don’t think farmers and animal owners realize with every seizure and every take down of big breeders, little breeders, or hobby breeders our industry moves closer and closer to Extinction! Where do you suppose these animals come from that the average horse or animal owner has? They come from farms like the one’s you and I have have built! With each case these people are allowed to win it gives them more fuel for their fire to destroy the American farmer! This is very serious situation and our registries need to know what is quietly happening. Or soon there will be no horses for our registries because people are too afraid to go against the animal activists, HSUS, and the over reach of government to take our constitutional rights and liberties from us!

This is the new age, where one does not help their neighbor out…. They wait for the opportune time to take what they have then destroy them to the point of no return! It’s scary how fast these things move and without warning….. You may never see it coming but I tell you it is!


If the “rescues” and the HSUS groups did what they were intended to do or perceive to do our industry would once again flourish without worry if you will be their next victim!
Say for instance they had an open door policy for when an owner or breeder gets into trouble, and they actually help them….. Weather it be they take the animals No questions asked as an open door policy or they come in and help raise funds to help someone out who’s fallen on hard times without wanting blood!?! ( of course there will always be people who abuse the system but it will shake its self out, it would be very easy to see who those few are) How would that positively effect our industry?

Now if you were struggling to keep weight on a hard keeper (which if you have animals, you will always find one) or an old horse That’s crotchety but seems to still be enjoying life. Then someone who gives themself self proclaimed athority to come onto your land and tell you how to run your farm and what to do and not to do with your private property thinks they know better then you about your animal …… How would that make you feel to know this is happening all over the country pretty much on a daily basis……. Where did we loose our rights and liberties to be secure in ones home? Wake up and realize what is happening……..