This is a Correction collar you probably know it as choker chain. This collar is used to train and handle dogs from 4 pounds to 200 plus pounds. This collar plus a experience trainer could train any dog to do just about anything.

This is a spray bottle, yes just an ordinary spray bottle. Cat trainers will use this to spray in the cats face when the cat does the wrong action.

Spray Bottle for training

This is a snake hook, although it may not train a snake it makes handling and caring for snakes a lot easier. The hook end is dull and round and will not cause any harm to the snake. It simple helps the handler bring the snake out of its enclosure for cleaning and to provide a better life.


This is a bit, its places in a horses mouth too…

this is the elephant guide, some people know it as the bull hook. The elephant guide is no different than a dog collar or snake hook. Its a training tool that helps the handler and the animal understand each other.  The elephant guide just like the snake hook causes no harm to the animal and only improves the life of an elephant.

However the animal rights movement is spreading lies about the elephant guide. Saying this less than a pound tool causes harm to a 8,000 pound elephant.  Animal Rights like Peta and HSUS want total animal liberation. This includes exotic pets, domesticated pets and even using animals for milk and eggs.

Animal Rights Groups are trying to pass a bill in califiornia, banning the elephant guide and similar tools. If this happens then captive elephants will be force to live behind bars and have their relationships with their human handlers ended.

Think about it, if a state banned dog collars, what would happen? You wouldn’t be able to walk your dog or even take your dog anywhere.  Think it can’t happen?

Think about it, if a state banned snake hooks, what would happen? You wouldn’t be able to properly handle your snake for feeding,cleaning and socialization. You snake will be forced to live behind in its enclosure anyway. Think it can’t happen?

Think about, if  state banned horse bits, what would happen? You wouldn’t be able to ride horses weather on back or in carriage. The horse would be confined to its barn stall. Think it can’t happen?

Think about it, this is just the beging of the animal rights regulating the tools needed to handle our pet dogs, cats, reptiles,horses and other exotics. The Animal Rights movement started with banning private exotic animal ownership and are now slowly trying to pass dog breed specific bans. Thats  right your choice of dog may not be a choice anymore.

Just like the bans on private exotic animals that progressed to common pets we all own, they are now banning the tools of exotic animal handlers to ensure these animals can’t not interact with people. If we don’t stand up now soon we will be posting videos about the banning of dog collars. Don’t let this happen.