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Puppy Buying Confusion: What You Need To Know

What should be an exciting process Adding an adorable new puppy or dog to a home should be a happy time and an exciting process. Visions of Lassie or 101 Dalmatians brings a smile to the faces of all ages along with fond memories of childhood pets. Years ago, Snoopy and the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm were part of a beloved cartoon and getting a sweet puppy from a farm was the cherished wish of many young children.  Unfortunately, today’s reality of searching for a puppy can be daunting and confusing. What exactly is the difference between a good...

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Lying Larry Cohen, and other Lies of the New Jersey- Humane Society of the United States

New Jersey has recently become a hotbed of activity from the Animal Rights Extremists. Governor Christie vetoed earlier this year a very poorly-written and impossible to enforce pet sales ban which was backed by the HSUS. Since this veto, Mr. Larry Cohen or Lying Larry, a self-described sometimes “volunteer” to “Legislative Director” has been prancing to and from various town councils, providing them with outrageous lies and false documents, in an attempt to convince these small towns to adopt a pet store sales ban in their town. Lying Larry Cohen’s and the HSUS many lies are easy to document....

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