Fact– The tigers and other big cats you see today at a AZA Zoo, private zoo or circus are the direct result of over 15 generations or more of captive breeding programs in the United States.

Fact– No one is going to these foreign countries ( Cats natural habitat) and taking big cat kittens.

Fact– CITES was enacted in July 1975 which prohibits the importation/exportation of rare and endangered species such as the tiger and leopard.

Fact– The reason tigers are so prolific here in the US is because they are captive. When they are captive they are protected.

Fact– YES they belong in the wild but WE HUMANs are killing their natural habitat, and we at RAW do NOT believe in better off dead than in captivity. It is up to us to ensure these species continue for generations.

Fact– POACHING means they are killing them for body parts, generally fur and bones.

Fact– Until better solutions are found, these animals face extinction

Fact– Even though the tigers in the US may be of “mixed linage” they still hold valuable DNA because they have a diversified gene pool. And it works. If you do not believe so, then research the Florida Panther project that took TWO different sub species (Puma concolor coryi and Puma cougar cougar) to restart the FLORIDA PANTHER population and the Yellowstone wolves that took the grey wolf (Canis lupus occidentalis) and the true Yellowstone wolves (Canis lupus irremptus) and released them into the park to breed. 

Fact– The captive populations may be the ONLY hope for future populations as other countries are not able to manage the rampant killings

Keep Big Cats In Our Lives!