I’m sure you’re aware of the derogatory term “puppy mill”. It was originally thought to denote only the sub-standard, filthy, unlicensed kennels and although I’m sure most of those have been run out of business, there are probably still a few around. Well, just getting rid of those “bad apples” wasn’t good enough for the animal rights agenda, so they then decided that all breeders, good or bad, were “puppy mills”. If that is acceptable, why then shouldn’t all rescues and shelters be lumped together in the same manner, by calling them all retail rescues or pet traders? The breeders are really making all the money, huh? You are very wrong. Every penny they get goes to support the dog food, vet bills, microchips, vaccinations, parasite preventatives, medical supplies and treatments (all afore-mentioned items for all puppies and adult dogs they own), licensing fees, heat bills and electric bills (for air conditioning), wages for employees (if the breeder has enough dogs, employees are REQUIRED BY LAW), building and equipment maintenance, pest control, bedding, supplies for cleaning and sanitization, registration fees, etc., etc., etc., and IF there is ANYTHING left after paying for all that, shouldn’t the breeder deserve SOMETHING for working 8 to 18 hours a day, 7 days a week? NO I AM NOT A BREEDER …… anymore, but I was, so I speak from experience, when I say that even LARGE USDA licensed breeders are only making a pittance, after they pay all expenses they incur. BEAR IN MIND that they don’t receive any DONATIONS, none of the income they receive is tax exempt, and the prices they get per puppy are usually lower than or comparable to a shelter’s “rehoming/adoption” fees. If shelters and rescues had to be licensed and inspected, and follow all the guidelines that USDA licensed breeders do, including all the paperwork and record keeping that is required (showing where every dog & puppy came from and to whom it was sold or when it died or was euthanized), MOST if not ALL of them would decide it was no longer worth it and close their doors!!!Many pounds, shelters, and rescues are already empty …… that’s why they are bringing in THOUSANDS of dogs and puppies from Mexico and overseas, somehow without having to keep them quarantined for 30 days once they get to the U.S., which is supposed to be required. Those animals are often unvaccinated and some have been found to carry rabies, distemper, and parvo ……. all diseases that are already here, but perhaps strains of those viruses that haven’t been seen here and our dogs are NOT vaccinated for. It’s also why they move dogs and puppies from state to state and from full shelters to empty ones. Of course it’s lucrative for them to do so, when the “adoption and rehoming” fees they charge for even the mixed breeds are DOUBLE to TRIPLE the amount they should be, their overhead isn’t even close to what the breeder’s is, PLUS they get millions of dollars in donations… and it’s ALL tax exempt!

How about this scenario: “Let’s get every breeder shut down (even the good ones), by getting legislation passed that will ruin their market with pet stores. Or better yet, let’s steal their animals under the auspices of law enforcement, by false pretext of animal cruelty (the dogs might have plaque build-up on their teeth, maybe their toenails are a little long, or they might need grooming, but it’s winter and they have in & out dog runs, so they don’t get shaved down until spring). We can also bring in dogs from other countries! Then we can QUICKLY clean them all up and SELL them right away for big bucks, calling it an adoption or rehoming fee! We can plan and advertise this all ahead, asking the public for extra donations to cover expenses for these “poor rescued animals”. To top it all off, we can make all this tax exempt money, with very little lay-out, plus we‘ll look like saints in the eyes of the unsuspecting public we often lie to! Let’s do it!”
ARE WE SEEING ANY INEQUITY OR INJUSTICE HERE?? The lives of decent, hard-working men and women are being and have been ruined.

Shelters and rescues that are doing this stuff aren’t saints in my book. I call them pet flippers, retail rescues, and pet traders, but MOST CERTAINLY NOT SAINTS! I’m retired now, so the animal rights terrorists can’t hurt me, but I plan to spend every minute of my days, until I take my dying breath, working with others to get legislation passed that will force rescues and shelters to be regulated by the same guidelines and standards that USDA kennels are forced to adhere to and to STOP them from bringing animals into the U.S. from other countries without a 30 day quarantine once they get here!!!