Well would you look at this…The Carthage Humane Society is selling a pretty nice selection of pure bred English Bulldogs. They have adults for sale as well as 8 week old puppies and 12 week old puppies. Prices are the following: 8 week old bulldogs for $1,000 each, 12 week old bulldogs for $700 each and adults for $300 each.


The shelter in the comments says this is a fair price because… “Our director has been in contact with reputable breeders and organizations to have these dogs appraised”


The Shelter also said THIS in the comments section  “They do have papers, and some are show quality.”

Thats right this shelter has 8-12 week old pure bred english bulldog puppies for sale that are somehow show quality and have been appraised by other breeders!!


Carthage Humane Society


Carthage Humane Society Selling puppies Carthage Humane Scoeity selling pure bred bulldogs

This is what the Shelter originally posted:


“We have some beautiful purebred English Bulldogs and Pugs available for adoption! There are two 8 week old English Bulldogs, five 12 week old English Bulldogs, two adult female English Bulldogs, and three adult female Pugs. All adults are between 5-3 years old. The adult English Bulldogs and Pugs will be $300 each, while the 8 week old puppies will be $1,000 each and the 12 week old puppies will be $700 each. They will all be neutered/spayed, and up-to-date on the vaccinations (including Rabies age permitting). If you are interesting in adopting one of these guys, you may contact the humane society on Facebook or at 417-358-6402, or stop by the shelter Monday-Friday 12 pm-5 pm.” 



UPDATE: Aug 9 2016 @ 4:12  

Now the shelter is saying they were not confiscated from a breeder but they were a owner surrender to another agency who then surrendered the dogs to them.  You can see in a photo above they clearly stated…”They were confiscated from a breeder.”

Carthage Humane Society lying about where they get dogs from