Cavalier Rescue of Alabama paid $10,794 for just 4 Dogs from a Breeder

Below you will see information regarding a “rescue” group that routinely buys dogs (including many pregnant females) from auctions at insanely high prices using donation money from the public. These dogs/puppies are being purchased directly from breeders at auctions. Attached below is a waybill that shows that this group paid the ridiculous price of $10,794 dollars for just four dogs! They don’t care about the ridiculously high/over inflated prices because it’s not their money they are spending, its the public’s donations, believing they are “saving” these dogs. Is this rescue? When someone routinely buys pregnant dogs and whelps puppies, it is breeding and selling, not rescue! Rescues must be regulated to stop this loophole allowing these non-profit groups to avoid having to abide by the same regulations that breeders are required to adhere to! This group buys dogs, whelps litters, houses dogs and puppies, ships, and sells, all under the guise of “adoption” without having to provide the care and routine inspections required of breeders that are above board and being vilified by the same groups that routinely purchase dogs/puppies from them. This is a disturbing trend among rescues and needs to be stopped.

This is the way bill showing the purchase of 4 Cavalier Dogs for almost $11,000.

 Cavalier Rescue of Alabama

This is a picture taken of 2 of the Cavaliers purchased, in a commercial transport Truck being transported from Auction to the Cavalier Rescue of Alabama.

 Cavalier Rescue of Alabama

In November of 2014 the Cavalier Rescue spent $330,000 for about 98 dogs. Some Dogs were sold for $10,000 each! Below you will see the list of dogs this group received, how much was paid and in some cases who purchase them.

3 Rock Cliff Haley 2900
4 Rock Cliff Hana (now Mabel) (Jaime Flowers) 2900
5 Rock Cliff Heather 2900
6 Rock Cliff Dark Angel 2900
7 Rock Cliff Cherry Oh Baby (Lisa Thompson) 2900
8 Rock Cliff Clara 2800
9 Rock Cliff Dakota To Decatur (Kelly Bonta Willie) 2800
10 Rock Cliff Haute Couture 2800
11 Rock Cliff Vanessa 2800
12 Rock Cliff Farm Lizzy Rose 2800
13 Rock Cliff Mason (adopted through CRUSA) 4500
14 Rock Cliff Jude (patella surg)-now Haven (Jasmine Lawson-JazzyJ collars 4500
15 Rock Cliff Farrah (now Violet) (Lisa Raines Foote) 4500
16 Rock Cliff Farm Macie 4500
17 Rock Cliff Valerie 4500
18 Rock Cliffs I Will Swallow my Pride 6200
19 Rock Cliff Joni Girl 6200
20 Unrg Rogue x Holly 6200
21 Rock Cliffs A Little Bit of Spice 6200
22 Unre Female 6200
23 Rock Cliff Royal Sophia 3250
24 Rock Cliff Cassie 3250
25 Rock Cliff Debra 3250
26 Rock Cliff Farm Danella 3250
27 Rock Cliff Charlottes Web 3250
28 Rock Cliff Corabelle (adopted through CRUSA) 3700
29 Rock Cliff Sunshine Dynasty Anett (adopted through CRUSA) 3700
30 Rock Cliff Smoke on the Water 3700
31 Rock Cliff Christine 3700
32 Rock Cliff Regina 3700
34 Rock Cliff Shasta Daisy (adopted through CRUSA) 3600
35 Rock Cliffs Golden Girl – now Ruthie (Martha Keener Bryant) 3600
44 Rock Cliff Happy-Go-Lucky (Brittney Wilk) 3750
57 Rock Cliff Farm Marchesa (adopted through CRUSA) 3850
58 Rock Cliffs Jossalyn 3850
61 Rock Cliff Farm Flica 3600
62 Rock Cliff Screaming Nana 3600
63 Rock Cliff Brandy Wine 3600
87 Harper (Mary Louise Guerry-Force; may have another one also) 3250
95 Sedeki Yeats to Rock Cliff 4300
96 Pomelo Gideon to Rock Cliff (Mandy Markham Johnson) 4300
97 Rock Cliff Atelier 4300
98 Runabout Rocky 4300
99 Buster Tri 7 years 4300
65 Rock Cliff Farm Shiloh (now Parker) (Crys Carnes) 10000
86 Rock Cliff Royal Victor (Angie Ingram) 10000

*RAW did not collect this information nor do we guarantee its accuracy.

13 comments on “Cavalier Rescue of Alabama paid $10,794 for just 4 Dogs from a Breeder

  1. Pam on

    This is nothing more than dog flipping. What I would like to know, did the people involved with this “rescue” pay for these dogs out of their own funds? $10,000 is an unbelievable amount to pay with donations from Joe Public. Nice gig ladies.

  2. Shirley on

    And they call themselves a rescue. I know I would never donate to them again. They are stealing from those that think they are helping a rescue. A rescue does not use a transport. Hopefully the state of Alabama wisest up to them.

  3. Christine on

    Ridiculous, they won’t ‘give up’ a dog, who’s breeder had people at the auction, to get him back! This group knew this was the case. Now they are spending more of the donations, going through the courts, to keep him. All the time, his breeder is trying to get him where he belongs. How can they RESCUE a dog that was heading to a loving home?

  4. sue swanigan on

    This is nothing unusual we have One dog auction info Southwest Missouri that caters to the rescues from the breeder it’s been several years since I have been down there but I hear about it quite often from breeder friends very well-paid top top dollar especially for bred females and puppies. I have seen them $46,000 for a Labrador and a golden retriever $6,000 Aurora pug Elmwood bar that can get like that

  5. Ginger on

    This is such a scam! The so called rescue is nothing but a publicly funded dog flipping ring. Do those women ever stop to think that the breeders that are selling these dogs are laughing all the way to the bank and then turning around and buying/breeding MORE dogs because they KNOW that they will make MORE money selling the dogs at auction from fools like this? This group needs to be reported to the IRS for tax fraud. Then again I am giggling for the breeders since they are making bank off the dog. If people want to be stupid enough to support a lie that is their choice!

  6. Wendy roemer on

    I am so frustrated reading this. I was one of the people that donated for the safe rescue of these cavaliers. Hundreds of Cavalier people and even Cavalier clubs donated to rescue these poor dogs. All dog auctions should be shut down. These dogs came from a very bad breeder that had been given notice that she had to get rid of them. We rescued them so they would not get in the hands of Amish puppy breeders. If anyone wants to get upset about the money being paid to rescue dogs, they should look into how many puppy mills are out there. I can garantee and all these dogs are now in loving homes and finally in their life’s have someone that loves them. They are not being breed. The only reason that we spent so much money to get these dogs to safety, was because they knew we where coming and we did not intend to leave one dog behind. I am happy that they did this no matter how much money was spent. You need to write a story about the poor dogs that are in puppy mills not the lucky ones that rescue groups are saving.

  7. heather on

    The people that are donating have no clue what they are donating to. They are misusing funds from other people. Really irresponsible spending and they are doing so much more harm than good. Allows the breeders to buy tons of puppies to put in their programs and ruins way more lives than they save. This group should be in jail

  8. Susan h on

    They hit social media hard, asking anyone and everyone who loved cavaliers to donate—–three groups involved, the one from Alabama were the scam artist with a lawyer behind they who will treat u with lawsuit, even tho she has been sanctioned hereself. I live in the state, but I took all reference to al down from my website cause everyone thinks we’re connected to this nasty group —- the lawyer is wicked and very forceful

  9. Terri Taylor Drillias on

    They bought 2 dogs outside the auction and covered their autos until they gave in to paying 25,000. And they used private gofundme accounts. Was overcoming the loss of my farm, moving, deadbeat green Card using partner, multiple surgeries, abandonment and fraud by my partner. To name a few. This was an international debacle. What isn’t noted here is the breeder was trying to do the right thing with failing everything facing her. They took over 30 dogs within 2 years and were making money of the free dogs. There are many clubs and individuals who failed this woman. This breed was her only focus for health and longevity. Cavaliers were dying at age 5 when she developed a theory that was supported by a now deceased homeopath. Her goal was health, size, construction. She paid for dogs that were not show or even breeding quality and said nothing. She was a show breeder but rather than gossip and blame, often took a loss.

    The dogs lived in and out of her house. The moved caused chaos and anxiety. She has an AKC inspected premise, microchipped puppies, leash broke. Old and new farm next door.
    No complaints from and local state or federal agencies till June9 2014. 4 weeks post hernia repair, began a rouge assault of her life while she was on a plane to say goodbye to her siblings. One has cerebral palsy. Got off the plane. Was told snoring pregnant female, took 5 years to get bred, would be taken. Next day, 4th amendment broken by authorities and a bad veterinarian with a grudge. Didn’t like her, didn’t use her. Btw, was notified raid would happen in June. Invited Sherrifs to farm. Declined. Lied. Said not happening.

    She received 2 complaints in 16 years but no supporting documents. She had a solid contract that was often not even read or followed to make continuity of care and bind the contract. She gave one of the people on the bill of lauding 4 dogs to place. One was a valuable show quality ruby female. This person is in a fraudulent lawsuit where she is seeking lifetime damages for her dog she allowed to seize and cause a brain lesion. She only had a one year warrantee, allowed her dog to seize while violently playing with a toy and her friends told her to stop him. To little to late. So far she has received a lovely boy seizure free and living less than market price, a show female to make up for that boy, with no supporting documents per contract. And placed dogs she thought were free private placement for profit . she is involved in a fraud lawsuit, with other planted parties by the Attourney mentioned, all fraud, no evidence given to breeder or vet. Grand scale set up. Messy. Loss. Ruined. Destroyed. Pray for the breeder. She was not well liked for being loving and genuine. There for anyone who needed her, dispute her health, marital and housing woes. The price they quoted might have included what she paid for the parking lot dogs the breeder never saw a nickel.
    The breeder tried to commit suicide due to abuse, international malicious slander, and fraud by multiple parties. Please contact the judges Atty Max Pope Jr if you would like to see justice served. All cases were planted. All people involved are in their various 501c3, built on the back of her only case. Deadline for judgement, where breeder cannot attend due to physical instability and head trauma…1st week of February.


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