Husky House? More like the House of Horrors.

Husky House founded by  Lorraine Healy is a 501C3 Non Profit Organization and according to their public 990 form their address is 78 Maple Street,Bridgewater, New Jersey.  However, according to their website Husky House is located at 391 Route 34, Matawan, New Jersey. Which is a retail store front that also shares space with Snowdog Lodge which is a Dog Boarding and Day Care facility.

It appears that Husky House is a Retail Rescue selling puppies and dogs they obtain from breeders, pet stores, other rescues. It also appears that they import dogs into New Jersey.  This group posts publicly on social media the promotion of Pet Store & Breeder Bans while riding high on the praise of others who support animal rescue.

If only those proud supporters and the general public actually knew what they were supporting, they may feel differently. We will give you a quick run down. According to a 2017 inspection report of Husky House, the inspectors found some horrible conditions for the poor dogs housed at Husky House or Snowdog Lodge or whatever they choose to call themselves, along with major paper work issues as well as a lack of veterinarian oversight.

From The Inspection Report

  1. The facility did not go under plan review and approval by the local health department prior to beginning operation.
  2. Their last Kennel Building Fire Inspection was over 2 years ago.
  3. Housing Facilities are not maintained, all dog enclosures have cracks and crevices that can NOT be sanitized.
  4. Improper food storage.
  5. Property not maintained, over growth of vegetation along the building and entire property.
  6. Improper drainage.
  7. Outdoor enclosures in need of repair.
  8. Facility does not have a Isolation Room, which is mandated.
  9. Improper Cleaning Protocols.
  10. Supervising Veterinarian has not been to the facility for 6 MONTHS!
  11. They are mixing visibly sick animals with healthy animals.
  12. No health certificates for dogs imported into New Jersey.

The list goes on and on with this Retail Rescue’s Inspection Report.

View The Inspection Report Here



4 comments on “Husky House? More like the House of Horrors.

  1. Concerned Citezen on

    This the exact reason “rescues” and shelters should be mandated to carry the same USDA license as breeders and be mandated to follow the exact 147 pages of the AWA care standards that deemed “humane”.

  2. Christina Meyers on

    There were rumors last year when they got all the puppy store pups a few people shared that they were removed from Husky House because of the conditions and that protocol was not followed. They were taken to the shelter that was up the road from the store. Can not remember the name of it. Supposedly, they raised money for the dogs not in their possession. Just “hear say” but curious if you can find out. I ignored all of it because they were so public how could they possibly be lying? It breaks my heart that so many rescuers attack each other and then we come to find out they live in glass houses. There is so much positive about Husky House. If this is true Sad day for the animals. 🙁 Why can’t everyone just get along and keep your noses in your own business? The report is from 2017!

    • Carla Pattillo on

      You think a report from 2017 isn’t current or valid? What century are you in? Every single mark against any facility adds up and becomes a record of abuse. If this was a commercial breeder, the facility would undergo scheduled visits and spontaneous checks. All animal programs, except these unregulated horror/retail/rescues, are subject to this. You can not say any of these failures occurred in a period of time that didn’t cause damage to the dogs exposed to them. You also cannot say any of these charges have been remedied to the acceptance of a healthy report without record of a new report stating they have repaired and met all qualifications. Fortunately, eyes are being opened to the hell these animals go through for a quick buck and someone’s hero complex. When people like you stop drinking the kool aide and start looking to see if the human/companion animal bond is being protected, you’ll start seeing the patterns of abuse, neglect, and avarice. You might realize animal advocates aren’t just bad mouthing each other, but are holding each other accountable when no one else will.

  3. Ruby on

    So the report is from last year… and??
    They use reports on breeder FAR OLDER then that. In fact they use photos FROM OTHER countries and claim they are USA kennels.


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