The public loves to refer to their dogs/cats as their “fur babies” but be careful what you wish for. Right now animals are considered property and for those that believe that this is a cold description, be warned, our “property” is fully protected under the constitution. Our “property” is ours and nobody else can tell us what we can and can’t do with our property (like keeping a Saint Bernard in an apartment). If our pets were to become independent and no longer be OUR property, we would lose our RIGHTS to our property and our ability to make any and all decisions regarding our property. The animal rights groups would seize the opportunity to try to act on behalf of our animals “rights” and remove them from our lives!
“Personhood would change everything and tip the scales in favor of the activists. Agenda-driven lawyers at PETA or HSUS would bring suit and claim to “represent” the animals’ interests. They would demand animals be freed from zoos, aquariums, farms and circuses. You could kiss the Kentucky Derby goodbye, along with pet ownership.”