When taking a Kennel tour it is extremely important that you take the best photos to display and show off the kennel. We have broken down the best methods of taking kennel photos.


Take Pictures of the outside, the building itself. Try to do this on nice weather days when the sun is shining high in the sky and in warmer weather months when trees are in full bloom and grass is green.

kennel building Kennel Building


Take Pictures of the outdoor runs, empty. RAW believes its best to take pictures of the runs empty to avoid showing blurs of dogs moving in the picture, taking away from the crispness of the photos.

USDA Kennel Outdoor runs turn out yard outdoor Runs Dog Breeding Kennel


Then Take Pictures of the indoor runs, get all the dogs inside the runs to go into the outdoor runs so the indoor runs are clean and empty, again to avoid blurs of moving dogs in the picture and, because, lets face it, no dog looks appealing behind a fence. Your dogs should be shown in their full beauty, not behind a fence, any fence.

indoor runs Indoor Runs Dog Breeding Kennel and whelping boxes


Whelping areas are tough to photograph because they tend to appear to be too small in pictures since they are designed to be cozy for the moms and pups and may include an ugly heat lamp, which doesn’t photograph well.

Whelping Boxes whelping


Showing off the technology of a Kennel is important. Taking photos of heating/cooling systems, large skylights, hanging hoses etc.

Kennel Heating and water system kennel heating cooling water


Kennel Hose and Ceiling Fans Indoor Runs Dog Breeding Kennel and whelping boxes