Did you know, Dogs can have Dual Sired Litters?

Ok, so get this, dual sired litters, what? You may be scratching your head asking, what in the world, or you may be up to par on all the dog lingo and new age ways of doing things that you’re laughing. Either way, Dual sired litters, have been around and known about since, well, since breeding began. However, and this is why I worded my intro the way I did, the general population, like yourself, I’m sure didn’t know this or weren’t, we’ll say, aware, that dogs can have dual sired litters. What exactly is a dual sired litter? Ok, well you see when a male dog and a female dog get ready to.. just kidding! Dual sired litters can come about when a female dog is going through her heat cycle (which is what it’s called when she gets her “period” in layman terms), she will release multiple eggs. These eggs as their release have the chance of being inseminated by multiple sperms. Now, this doesn’t mean that 1 puppy will have two fathers. That is not what dual sired litters is about. What this means is one set of eggs can be inseminated by one sire and then the next set of eggs released in the same heat cycle can be inseminated by a different sire. SO, when she releases multiple eggs throughout her ovulation and heat cycle she can be mounted and bred or mated several times, thus producing a dual sired litter. Now it’s not 100% guarantee, and really the only way to tell who the father is, is through DNA testing, but generally it works. Having a dual sired litter will give the greatest chance for offspring and variety.

Now, interesting fact, dogs can actually store seaman in themselves to help their chances of producing. Did you know that? So, a Dual Sired Litter can occur in multiple ways. One, she’s mated by different sires throughout her ovulation/heat cycle. Or, 2, she’s mated right at the beginning of her ovulation/heat cycle, stores the seaman, and then gets mated a couple more times by varying sires throughout her heat cycle/ ovulation. Interesting facts huh? Lizards can do this too. I know, random. Bearded dragons for example can breed multiple times and store the seamen for months or until their next batch of eggs are ready to be fertilized. Fun fact of the day.