A LOVE TRIANGLE – Friends of Freddie retail rescue Long Island NY, P&T Puppy Love Retail Rescue Cherry Hill/Toms River NJ, Tina Dalton Lane Rescue Broker Tunnel Hill Georgia

A LOVE TRIANGLE – Friends of Freddie retail rescue Long Island NY,  P&T Puppy Love Retail Rescue Cherry Hill/Toms River NJ,  Tina Dalton Lane Rescue Broker Tunnel Hill Georgia


What do Friends of Freddie, P&T Puppy Love, and Tina Lane have in common? Quite a bit it turns out! All three are having some serious trouble with the law right now and all three are connected in the transport/distribution of sick and dying puppies to the public. RAW continues to investigate with the help of our followers and the plot continues to thicken and expand.

Tina Lane- is a rescue broker that was recently arrested and charged with multiple counts of felony forgery charges for illegally signing a veterinarian’s name to dozens of health certificates after RAW exposed a phony certificate during a story we were reporting on regarding P&T. Tina has been connected to dozens of forged certificates. Certificates that allowed for the illegal transportation of sick puppies to be shipped up north and sold to the public. Tina Lane operated a makeshift rescue shelter on her property and was doing “business” for quite a while. Exactly where Tina obtained so many sick puppies may remain a mystery due to the lack of regulations required of the rescue community. While Tina may not be held accountable for her distribution of sick and dying puppies, fortunately, the felony forgery charges she is facing will ensure she has some hefty repercussions for her illegal actions. Tina Lane operated a makeshift rescue/shelter on her property and was doing “business” for quite a while, shipping puppies up north before abruptly shutting down her “business” in the wake of the forgery charges. In the meantime, she will continue working as a probation officer in her local community pending trial (ironic isn’t it?).

P&T- as reported by RAW, is a “for profit” retail rescue store that was shut down by the local health department for selling upwards of three litters of Parvo infected puppies to adopters. During our investigation it became evident that P&T has not collected sales tax for any of its sales and has not provided any consumer protections that are required by NJ State Pet Lemon Laws. It turns out that dozens of sick puppies, some of which ultimately died of their illnesses, forced adopters to spends tens of thousands of dollars for veterinarian treatment and P&T’s owner Pat Youman and his “advisor” Alan Braslow who have been linked to Tina Lane, refused to accept responsibility for the outbreak and heartbreak the puppy adopters have endured trying to save their puppies. As of now P&T remains closed in their Cherry Hill NJ location.

So what does Friends of Freddie retail rescue in Long Island NY have to do with all this?

It turns out that Tina Lane is also the rescue broker for Friends of Freddie and Tina admitted to it on her own facebook page just a few days ago (see the picture RAW posted in this article). Certainly the founder of FOF Barbara Sanelli can’t be too happy that Tina blatantly announces her connection to FOF in light of the felony forgery charges pending against her and all the problems facing P&T with sick puppies that also came from Tina Lane. It seems FOF has been having many troubles of it’s own in NY. Having been shut down by the health department and it’s building condemned, FOF has also been adopting out lots of sick pups for quite some time, some diagnosed with distemper, resulting in a recent class action lawsuit was filed against the Friends of Freddie by customers looking for relief from mounting vet bills and dead puppies, sound familiar? The NY Attorney General has also opened up an investigation into FOF.



So what is behind this “love triangle”? In the end, money, and lots of it.  The love triangle is a win/win for the two retail rescues and the rescue broker, and a lose/lose for the customers and their sick puppies. As RAW previously reported, P&T owner Pat Youman admitted in a news article that he receives dozens of puppies each week and his own accounting of the numbers show that the money rolls in with these sick puppies, especially when they don’t have to worry about paying for trivial things like health care for the puppies, and simply pass those insurmountable costs onto the public. According to Pat Youman the store:

“ sells the rescue puppies for a $500 fee.
But, of that money, anywhere from $100 to $150 gets donated back to the rescue facility.” 

So Tina Lane pockets $100-150 PER PUPPY she sends up north. Since she admits to sending MANY puppies, that is a lot of $$ Tina makes each week for shipping sick puppies with forged vet health certificates! A win/win for Tina-until she got caught. Not to mention that she gets to wear a “halo” for her “rescue” work, finding homes for puppies in need. 

So what about Pat from P&T and Barbara from FOF? 

Since both retail rescues charge between $500-800 (or more) per puppy, after giving the $100-150 per puppy kickback to Tina, that is a lot of $$$ that they receive from customers to support their business model. Youman admits he: 

brings in about 20 to 40 rescue puppies a week” 

THAT is a lot of puppies moving up from the south and through a single store each week!

Look at the numbers! 

Youman is selling between 20-40 puppies PER WEEK on pups that he imports into the state. At 20 puppies being sold in this single location alone (remember Pat owns TWO locations, one in Cherry Hill and one in Toms River), Pat is pulling in between $10,000 and $20,000 PER WEEK, PER STORE…..absorb that….ten to twenty THOUSAND DOLLARS PER WEEK, PER STORE. Those numbers mean that EACH store potentially pulls in 1.4 MILLION dollars a year!!! Together, his two stores could pull in almost three million a year. 

If Friends of Freddie is following this same example, which it seems to be according to what RAW already knows, its no wonder that this love triangle in retail rescue is a lucrative business model. Of course this is all at the expense of the puppies and the public who are the real victims in this “adopt don’t shop” business model. Both New York and New Jersey offer very tight restrictions on the “sale” of puppies purchased through pet stores and breeders. Unfortunately, regulations and consumer protections are severely lacking for shelters and rescue groups, leaving the animals in their care and the public that choose to adopt rather than shop without voice.  This story is a prime example of why that needs to change.