New Jersey has recently become a hotbed of activity from the Animal Rights Extremists. Governor Christie vetoed earlier this year a very poorly-written and impossible to enforce pet sales ban which was backed by the HSUS. Since this veto, Mr. Larry Cohen or Lying Larry, a self-described sometimes “volunteer” to “Legislative Director” has been prancing to and from various town councils, providing them with outrageous lies and false documents, in an attempt to convince these small towns to adopt a pet store sales ban in their town.

Lying Larry Cohen’s and the HSUS many lies are easy to document. Here are some of their biggest lies.

Big Lie #1) “Dog Breeders shoot their dogs in the head”

TRUTH – Lying Larry knows this outrageous claim is a lie, yet he spews it at every opportunity. He has already received Cease and Desist warnings from various attorneys. Slander lawsuits against him surely can’t be far behind.

Big Lie #2) “All New Jersey pet shop puppies come from Puppy Mills”

TRUTHLying Larry also knows that is a blatant Lie. IT IS ALREADY ILLEGAL FOR A NEW JERSEY PET SHOP TO PURCHASE FROM A PUPPY MILL!! All New Jersey pet stores are required to buy ONLY from licensed and inspected breeders, with near perfect inspection reports.

Big Lie #3) “Good breeders never sell to pet shops”

TRUTH Lying Larry has ZERO first-hand knowledge about dog breeders. He has never visited a single, USDA Licensed Breeder! He has no knowledge that many breeders who sell to New Jersey stores, in addition to being inspected by federal and state officials, are also “CANINE CARE CERTIFIED”. This means they have been additionally inspected by an independent third party. These standards were developed by the Center for Animal Welfare Science at Purdue University. By any standard, if your facilities and animal care standards are endorsed and certified by Purdue University, I would call you more than a “good” breeder.

See the link below for additional information from industry Professionals:

Dr. Bret Marsh, DVM, Indiana State Veterinarian on the Canine Care Program

Dr. Candace Crowly, PhD, on the Canine Care Certified Program – About Canine Care-Certified/

Big Lie #4)  “It is estimated that 10,000 puppy mills produce more than 2,400,000 puppies a year in the United States and that most pet shop dogs and cats come from puppy mills and kitten mills.”

TRUTH – Lying Larry knows that there are only about 1,500 USDA Licensed and inspected breeders in the entire United States, not 10,000. Lying Larry also know that New Jersey pet stores are required by law to purchase from the absolute best breeders with nearly perfect inspection reports. To our knowledge, no New Jersey pet store even sells kittens, so including “kitten mills” is simply a gross exaggeration of the facts.

Big Lie #5) – “Due in large part to pet overpopulation, more than 20,000 dogs and cats are euthanized in New Jersey animal shelters annually”

TRUTH – Lying Larry’s biggest lie!! According to the New Jersey Health Department 2016 report, only 2,976 dogs were euthanized in 2016!! View the official report here!

New Jersey Health Department 2016 report

The Humane Society of the United States has been providing New Jersey town councils and legislators with the FALSE and misleading information for years. Remember their goal is the end of animal ownership. No Hunting, No Fishing, No Zoo’s and No Horse Carriage rides in Central Park among other things. Their current agenda, aside from attacking licensed and regulated animal businesses, is pushing MEATLESS MONDAY’s and vegan diets on our school children. Read about their REAL vegan agenda here Rutgers.Edu

Here are some facts. The Humane Society has paid witness to lie under oath. The Humane Society president has lied to the United States Congress.  They engage other animal rights activists and extremists, including FAUN-NJ to do their dirty work. They and others recently paid over 10 million dollars to settle a witness bribery and racketeering lawsuit. They have been sued by the State of Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. They were sued by the Oklahoma Attorney general in a fund-raising scheme. They are the defendants in multiple lawsuits, in multiple states. And they are soon to be sued here in New Jersey for their continued lies and bogus propaganda presented to city boards and councils just like this.

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