Although this meme maybe funny, the fact is, beloved animals are being stolen from their homes under the color of the law. Animal owners are being bullied out of their pets by local authorities, the animals are taken from their homes and are held in another facility while the court case goes on, languishing sometimes for years. In many cases the temporary housing is not sufficient enough for the animals over all health and wellbeing, and the animals suffer. These unforgivable acts are happening more and more and are affecting all kinds of pet owners, from exotic animal owners like lions to domestic pet owners, like dogs. These sad examples below show the reality of what happens if your pet is taken from you. 

Tiger Ridge- The ODA stole 6 tigers, a 25 year old lion, a 24 year old liger, a 16 year old leopard, a cougar and a hibernating grizzly bear out of their dens.

Paul Upton- Indianapolis Animal Care and Control took 32 of Paul’s dogs, 31 German Shepherds and 1 Rottweiler.

PETA reportedly stole a family’s pet chihuahua from their porch, and killed it.

Sara Tinker’s dogs, including a litter of 2 weeks old puppies were confiscated by the Knox County Sheriff.

Daniel Chambers had Four bears, including three black bears and a Syrian brown bear taken from him because a simple law changed and while he filed his paper work, he did not complete it properly. Without notice to this mistake, his animals were taken as soon the law took effect.

TRI CREEK KENNELS has their aussies stolen by HSUS from a search warrant illegal obtained.

Deb Martin a well know show breeder of Samoyeds has 19 dogs take from her. Some of the dogs were even co-owned.

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