Myron & Tressie Hochstetler

Breeder Name: Myron & Tressie Hochstetler

Kennel Name: 

United States Department of Agriculture License Number: 32-A-0335

State License Number:  

Address: 3850 North 850 West,Shipshewana,IN,46565

Breeder Information: 

Set in the picturesque flats of Indiana lives Myron and Tressie with their five children. Myron’s love for dogs started when he was just 20 years old. He got his first dog, a Boston Terrier, and had a few litters. Since then he has been hooked. They bought their first kennel in 2007 and raised puppies for several years. They focus on raising well socialized and loving puppies that are ready to assimilate into their forever home. With the years of breeding and OFA testing under their belt they decided to build their dream kennel for their dogs. So, in 2013 they broke ground on their new state of the art kennel. Where since then they have continued to raise happy and healthy puppies.

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