Upton Famous Pet Training Center is owned and operated by Paul Upton and offers dog training,boarding and German Shepherd Puppies For Sale. The licensed facility is located in Indianapolis and the yearly inspection of kennel was in April of 2015. The inspection was done by the Indianapolis Animal Care and Control and zero issues were found. In fact Paul Upton’s inspection records are Satisfactory for the last 30 years.

On November 5, 2015 Animal Care and Control Deputy Chief of Enforcement, Kim Wolsiffer came to Paul Upton’s training center for a “random inspection”. Kim Wolsiffer said to the news

“A majority of the concerns we had were along those lines; the size of the kennel that the animals were being kept in and the medical concerns that we’d seen with multiple animals,”

The following day Animal Care and Control Deputy Chief of Enforcement, Kim Wolsiffer came back to Paul Upton’s training center with a search warrant to remove 50 dogs. Some of the dogs were owned by Paul Upton and some were client’s dogs that were there for boarding and training. The owners of the dogs, except Paul Upton were able to claim them from IACC. Some of the dogs were two 10-week old German Shepherd puppies. One German Shepherds tail was broken while at IACC and was not treated. IACC would not release 32 of Paul’s dogs which included 31 German Shepherds and 1 Rottweiler.

Animal Care and Control Deputy Chief of Enforcement, Kim Wolsiffer said to the news: “We’re not in agreement with the way that he’s up-keeping the facility itself and we don’t want to put more dogs in danger,” “the Animal Care and Control veterinarian will be inspecting all the animals over the weekend. For the time being, Upton will not be allowed to board any animals, however he will be allowed continue training if he chooses to do so.”

On November 12, 2015 Paul Upton was charged with 37 Charges of Violation to the Care And Treatment of animals and 10 charges of Permanent Identification of Dog or Cat. He was also ordered to pay a cash bond in the amount of $6,120.00 for the care and treatment of his animals by IACC for 30 days of impoundment.

If unpaid, the dogs will be deemed forfeited and become the property off the Animal Care and Control Division. If Paul Upton didn’t pay, the shelter would ask for donations for the care of the animals. Then adopt the purebred German Shepherds to a new unknowing family.

Then on December 29, 2015 Paul Upton filled a lawsuit against the City of Indianapolis for the confiscation of his dogs. Paul Upton has been working with dogs for 30 plus years.  He certainly knows how to train dogs just by the success of his dog training business Upton Famous Pet Training Center. He is also know for his breeding of German Shepherds.  Why would someone take away dogs from an experience dog trainer and breeder with no bad kennel inspections?

These are actually pictures of Paul Upton’s Kennel.

Paul Upton Kennel

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The law suit is still in progress in July of 2016. Paul Upton has been paying the monthly ransom of 6,000 plus dollars to care for his dogs while they sit in a small cold cage in the IACC Animal Shelter. Even 2 pregnant German Shepherds gave birth while in the shelter. 5 puppies of those litters died in the animal shelter. The rest of the puppies have been living in the shelter and are now 7 months old.  Paul Upton even filled “Emergency Motion for release of all surviving puppies and the remains of the deceased puppies born at Indianapolis Animal Care and Control Shelter and of all the dogs belonging to Paul Upton”. However that didn’t work, Paul Upton still can’t see his dogs, or have them check by his veterinarian.   Even after the Prosecutor Mark Pizur admitted to doctoring public records, calling it a “total lapse of judgment.”  He withdraws from the case and then is fired.

These cases of Animal Control stealing is being seen more and more.  A similar case that just had a movie made about the story was  Dan Christensen’s and his hunting dogs. The movie is called the The Dog Lover and can we purchased on iTunes, Comcast Xfinity and Amazon. Dan Christensen’s case of the Humane Society of the United States and local animal control wrongly taking his dogs in a all to similar case to Paul Upton.

You can even watch this 20/20 episode of the SPCA wrongly taking animals from their owners.

Paul Upton should have his dogs and money returned to him.  Pet Owners should demand more accountability from local governments and stop these wrong pet seizures. Follow and support Paul Upton’s case on Facebook by visiting Help Save Upton’s Dogs , which is managed by People For Pet Ownership .

If you can please donate to Paul Uptons monthly ransom- DONATE HERE

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