The only way any of this is going to go away is if we all present a UNITED front. That means breeders (commercial, hobby, and show) and their local veterinarians, pet stores and their veterinarians, companies who sell pet products and veterinary supplies, groomers, boarding kennels and dog sitters, dog food suppliers, the list could go on and on. It HAS to involve all of us and our employees, friends, and families since we all profit in one way or another because of dogs and cats. And we will ALL be affected negatively by adverse legislation, through the trickle down or domino principle.

It is the way of animal rights to attack the large scale operations first (such as large commercial kennels, large pet brokers (like Hunte Corporation), large livestock confinement situations, the biggest circus (Ringling Brothers), and so on. Then they start going after the smaller operations, like mop up after a large battle in a war. We’d better start thinking of this as a war that we are all in together, because I believe the AR has been thinking that way for over 2 decades! That’s why they’re winning! Because we thought of them as a nuisance and didn’t realize what a formidable enemy they were! That’s what everyone thought of Hitler at first….a nuisance. And look what havoc he was able to wreak before he was stopped! I believe that the HSUS’s bringing these meat dogs into our country is all part of their plan. Not to supply the shelters with dogs, but to introduce disease to our dogs. It’s one more step towards advancing their “no animals for any use by anyone” agenda. I think we can talk on websites like this and try to rationalize all the legislation and how to defeat it, but the only way it’s going to get defeated is if we present a UNITED front and make a public show of that in some way. Perhaps one way might be by holding a demonstration or demonstrations at one or all of the USDA regional offices.  It would have to be large and it would have to be well planned and coordinated.  It would also have to involve media attention, so that the public would be aware of the “We’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore” attitude we’re all feeling.

The pet stores in Chicago are fighting local legislation that bans them from selling puppies or ANY small animals. New York City pet stores are fighting a city ordinance mandating that all puppies and kittens sold by pet stores must first be spayed or neutered. The law also clearly states that they cannot buy puppies from class “B” dealers (brokers). The pet stores have raised almost $50,000.00 (with help from myself and other brokers and breeders), to try and sue the City of New York. I think they might be wiser in using those funds to go national in some way, because every state and large city will follow suit in all this. I just don’t think the industry can handle all the nickel and dime fights……and AR knows this!!! You can clearly see their hand in the writing of the New York City ordinance, and they have infiltrated many large city and state governments. They have virtually destroyed the once viable pet industry. You may say “Oh. Well, that doesn’t affect me!” Maybe not now, but it will. Who do you think they’re going to come after when they’re done with the commercial pet trade? Remember….NO ANIMALS, FOR ANY USE, BY ANYONE!! Sorry to be so long winded! Just a lot I needed to put forth and get off my chest!