Pet owners and Breeders need to unite and fight these money hungry, power seeking, land grabbing abuse of power government officials and The Humane Society of the United States. We need to stand and fight take back our constitutional rights and our once great country from these zealots. (Animal Rights)

It amazes me how gullible the general person is, who does not know the ins and out of the pet industry. People also do not know how big of con artists these so called rescues are! The “people so devoted and caring for the poor animals” they steal from people. Such as the current case of Paul Upton and his German Shepherds. Lets just put some facts out people,  when animals are seized from their owners the county in which they seized by pays ALL expenses on said animals the entire time they are in custody.Then you have the rescues who beg and whine about how they NEED so much money or donations to “care” for these poor animals.So at this point they are double dipping as they blast and post begging time after time for more funds and supplies.Then you have after the court cases and if they (the rescuses) are awarded the animals the owners have to pay for the entire time they’ve been held hostage by these domestic terrorists.Plus then get to beg for more money because now they are burdened and have to take care of them until they can adopt these animals out. Plus all the publicity they generate dragging their “worse case they’ve ever seen” sob story through the media for all the unknowing sheeple audience! So at this point if your counting these wonderful big hearted people have or will have collect money 5 different ways. I’d say Thats a pretty good Damn day at the office. Yet all these bleeding heart sheep never question a single thing.They see a sad ugly pic not knowing the true story or what one goes through on a daily basis on a farm. No one questions they just assume. In due time the truth will come out and you will see all the corruption and lies generated by greed hate and remorse.Until that day we will continue to fight.Also if you think something like this could never happen to you. You are sadly mistaken it could be anyone on any given day on any farm. Get educated and be made aware. These people have quotas to fill and everyone has something to gain and something to loose.


Author- Rhiannan Peterson

Editor- RAW