Pet Store Bans are Bad


It’s common sense folks. Regardless of the type of business, bans are bad for the economy, create an unregulated and non-taxed black market, and don’t make a dent to improve the situation they attempt to address. In fact, history has shown that it creates MORE issues, i.e. prohibition.

1. Since 1.3 million children per year are injured on sports fields (not including deaths),
would you want the government to ban ALL youth sports?…/injuries…kids-sports/2612429/

2. If 10,220 people die each year due to drunk driving (not including injuries),
would you want the government to ban all alcohol?


3. If 1.3 million auto accidents per year are the result of cell phone usage,
would you want the government to ban ALL cell phones?

4. If some or even many of the approximately 1,100 federally licensed and inspected
slaughterhouses that slaughter 99% of the meat consumed in the USA have violations,
-Would you want the government to ban eating ALL meat?

5. If numerous licensed and inspected as well as blackmarket animal rescues and shelters add to animals suffering through neglect and cruelty while in their care, should we ban ALL shelters and rescues?
Would you want the government to ban the adoption of pets?

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