Breeders cannot sell a puppy until it is weaned and a minimum of 8 weeks old. Once the puppy reaches 8 weeks, it can be transferred to a transport company, also known as a distributor or Puppy Broker. A distributor is a USDA licensed Kennel and must follow strict USDA regulations, be regularly inspected, and receive violations for any problems found by the inspector.

Upon arrival to the transport company’s USDA licensed kennel, the puppies are seen by a licensed veterinarian along with one to two vet techs helping. The Transporter Veterinarian will do a complete and thorough exam. They will examine every inch of the puppy and continue the record keeping. Although this is a licensed kennel, there are no dogs here, there are only puppies, and typically they are only here less than a week.

These USDA licensed distributors are a puppy lovers dream, you will see many different breeds, all being cared for by a professional staff. With Veterinarians, sometimes many veterinarians on the payroll, the standard of care easily equals or surpasses the care and love provided by the puppy’s breeder. These state of the art distributor kennels would put your local boarding kennel to shame by comparison. The facility will have large play areas, a grooming room with everything a dog groomer will ever need, and in-house veterinarian offices. These clean and well organized facilities ensure that the puppies are well cared for.