The word “mill” is defined as a factory or processing plant. The Term “Puppy Mill”  is an undefined derogatory phrase used by the animal rights activists as propaganda to lump ALL breeding facilities and breeders together, regardless of how good or bad they are. If animals are bred and money is collected, they are considered a mill. It doesn’t matter what the conditions are, how many animals are housed, where they are housed, how often they are bred, what medical care is given, etc. Common sense would say that there is good and bad in everything, but not according to the Animal Rights groups.

Time and time again we see horrific shelters and rescues getting a pass on the appalling facilities and lack of humanity provided to the pets in their care. If it’s a hoarding situation, it’s lumped into the puppy mill terminology, but if it’s an unlicensed rescue, it’s referred to as a hoarder.

There are lots and lots of rescues and shelters that are horrific places of neglect and death for the poor animals unfortunate enough to find themselves, “rescued” by these awful places. And yet, where is the outrage? Where is the outcry? Where are the regulations being put forth to end the misery? Where is the public and government insistence that closes the doors of these hell holes and puts into place the regulations needed to right the wrongs and prevent these atrocities from recurring, again, and again, and again? They are NOWHERE to be found. It is all being swept under the rug.

The proper terminology for any animal facility that is horrific and inhumane should be: substandard facility. There are breeders who take tremendous pride in their facilities and kennel and then there are those who do not. The animal rights organizations opposed to the pet industry are not government entities, nor are they animal care organizations, despite their cleverly depicted names. They do not operate or supervise local humane facilities.

These are animal rights groups who are fund-raising organizations that rely on fabrication and distortion of the facts to further their radical agenda, which includes the eventual elimination of all pet ownership. It is a slippery slope and is at a tipping point right now in this country. Let’s hope that it doesn’t tip too far towards the animal rights agenda or we will be adding purebred dogs and cats to the growing list of endangered species.

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