P&T Puppy Love Adoption Center is a rescue store located in Cherry Hill NJ that has been dealing with a huge Parvo virus problem which according to their own statement involves “three litters” of puppies. Many of those puppies were adopted out to the unsuspecting public including some that were adopted AFTER the rescue center knew of Parvo being confirmed by a veterinarian. Unfortunately, some of those adopted puppies have succumbed to their illness, and even those that survived have left their owners with thousands of dollars in vet bills.

P&T has refused to take responsibility for any of the cost, leaving customers both emotionally and financially devastated, claiming that they are not liable to reimburse for vet bills as per NJ Pet Lemon Laws because they are a “rescue” and do not fall under the legal obligations to reimburse customers.  Vet bills that would in fact be reimbursable if the customers had purchased their puppies from a NJ pet store or breeder, up to double the purchase price.  So, if not legally obligated to reimburse and assist their customers during this ordeal, what about P&T being morally obligated? More on that question in a moment…

RAW has confirmed through a copy of a USDA #7001 form that at least some of the dozens of sick and dead puppies from P&T have come from a Georgia rescue broker by the name of Tina Lane who is affiliated with the Friends of Georgia Shelter Dogs. This rescue broker who openly admitted in online posts to sending P&T a lot of “healthy and sick puppies” because P&T “has never told me no” has a whole lot of explaining to do to authorities, and so does P&T!


RAW sources have confirmed that Tina Lane has already been questioned by a detective from her local Sheriff’s office regarding this USDA #7001 form (and others she may have written) and FELONY FORGERY CHARGES seem imminent. These charges stem from the fact that the veterinarian’s signature on the form is FAKE and was forged by Tina.  The veterinarian, who is innocent of all of these actions and actually works in a different state, is certainly not happy to be dragged into this matter simply because rescue broker Tina decided to break the law to forge documents so that sick puppies could be transported interstate to P&T’s retail rescue and adopted out to unsuspecting NJ consumers!

And Tina’s troubles don’t end there. RAW has confirmed that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) that oversees interstate transportation and the #7001 forms that Tina forged have also been contacted, and their office will be investigating just how deep these forgeries go and how many sick puppies have been shipped to NJ as well as other states that were not examined by a licensed veterinarian as per regulations, with possibly more charges being filed against rescue broker Tina in the days ahead.

So what about P&T’s responsibility in all of this?  According to news articles, the owner Pat Youman originally opened his location as a pet shop, selling puppies purchased from breeders and therefore had to abide by strict state pet lemon laws which cover consumers for illness up to double the purchase price. Think about that for a moment. If a pet shop in NJ sells a sick puppy for $600.00, they are FINANCIALLY responsible for paying up to $1200.00 in vet bills to treat the puppy. In addition, if the puppy dies, the pet shop is responsible to give a full REFUND of the purchase price AND double the purchase price for vet bills, which could account for a total refund of $1800.00 on a $600.00 sale.


That single regulation alone is BIG incentive for a pet shop in NJ to sell healthy puppies, simply because the math shows that if they consistently sell sick puppies they would not be able to sustain in business, and selling puppies would certainly not be a cost effective source of revenue for a pet shop business. So what was the alternative for Pat Youman, who wanted to keep refunds down and sales up? For Pat Youman, the answer came easily to him, and the answers name was Alan Braslow.

Pat Youman’s pet shop was picketed weekly for months by Animal Rights activist Alan Braslow and some of his followers pushing their “adopt don’t shop” philosophy and citing how many animals are sitting in NJ shelters that could be adopted through Pat’s store. Struggling to stay afloat with restrictive regulations and poor profits, Braslow convinced Youman that “a retail rescue model” was the better way to go. While this all sounds warm and fuzzy and a good idea in theory, the facts of this case tell a much darker story.

Braslow eagerly helped Youman convert the pet shop to the current rescue model but Youman quickly realized that finding a local source for puppies was not as simple as Alan Braslow led Pat Youman to believe.  Not a single shelter or rescue in the state was willing to work with Pat and Alan. The first question that comes to mind is WHY? If Alan Braslow was a local activist why did he have not a single connection to an IN state source for homeless animals?

Ironically, Alan’s solution to Pat’s problem was at the expense of the state of NJ, its own homeless pets, and NJ consumers. Alan and Pat would initially solve the issue of not being able to source locally by simply importing puppies from out of the country, Puerto Rico to be exact. Soon after, they would add more shipments from southern states such as Tennessee and Georgia. Business was so good that they opened a second location in Toms River NJ, with more puppies coming up from out of the country and southern states. But what about Alan’s claims to want to help local adoptable pets? Why does NJ need MORE homeless pets coming into the state? If they are bringing MORE homeless animals into the state, exactly what PROBLEM are they SOLVING? For Pat and Alan and their new enterprise, perhaps the answer is as simple as math and economics.


P&T Puppy Love Adoption Center, Toms River.

P&T Puppy Love Adoption Center – Cherry Hill

Here are the hard cold numbers, you do the math, it’s simple economics. P&T states in writing that it charges up to $600.00 as an “adoption” fee for the puppies. RAW sources tell us that some out of state rescue brokers can sell those puppies for as little as $22.00, listed as a “transfer fee”. That’s a heck of a markup for puppies that can come in and be adopted out on the same day, costing zero overhead in care. RAW has also been told that P&T utilizes volunteers to care for the puppies, so there are no annoying employee expenses to deal with either. And those cumbersome and costly NJ regulations that cut into a pet shop or breeders profits? Apparently Pat and Alan believe that they are immune to those regulations. Without having to be bothered by having to provide a warrantee to protect customers in case of illness, there are no pesky refunds to worry about! Problem solved! Cha-ching cha-ching, the cash registers stays full.

So exactly what does Pat Youman, Alan Braslow, and P&T offer to it’s customers to justify that $600.00 fee? As it turns out nothing. Other than the puppy itself, P&T clearly outlines in writing that it has a no refund policy and “does not take responsibility for any medical fees incurred”. P&T does not spay/neuter its puppies, (unless the puppy has been previously altered by the out of state source, it’s the consumer’s obligation to have it done), Shots and wormings? Well, considering what has been going on with dozens of puppies potentially infected with the deadly Parvo virus, that answer seems pretty clear.

Alan and Pat need to answer for their potential roles in the transport of puppies into the state on a forged veterinarian certificate from their rescue broker, Tina Lane. If they were willing to “never say no” to taking “sick” puppies as Tina openly admitted to, what else were they willing to do to ensure they had a steady supply of cheap puppies coming in from her to fill their cash registers?

Alan and Pat also have a LOT of explaining to do regarding the timeline of when they knew there was a Parvo problem in their store(s) and how many puppies they continued to adopt out AFTER they knew.  RAW has also been informed that some of the puppies initially exposed to Parvo were transferred to their Toms River location which remains open, exposing more puppies and more customers to this problem.

Alan and Pat have smugly maintained through online posts on their Facebook page and other pages to their customers that they are not liable for reimbursements of vet bills. But is that true? The truth is in the details. RAW will continue to provide updates on this story as we continue to investigate and take it where it leads us.