Hey RAW supporters! Guess what? Another 100 plus dogs imported by St. Hubert’s Shelter in New Jersey from other states. New Jersey must be running out of homeless dogs since they import so many? ……no, they simply euthanize the less adoptable dogs at the shelters to make more room for the imports! Senator Lesniak claims that NJ euthanizes approximately 21,000 shelter pets per year and so he is trying to pass regulations to sharply reduce the ability for breeders to breed purpose bred dogs. So WHY is he allowing shelters and rescues to import thousands each year? Why don’t you ask Senator Lesniak that question!?!
email him: SenLesniak@njleg.org OR send him a comment on his FB page: Senator Raymond J. Lesniak.

St. Hubert’s Shelter in New Jersey imports from other states