First Animal Rights Activists and The Humane Society of The United States post about saving “Meat Market Dogs” and importing them into the United States, even though they bring in disease and cause our own homeless dog population to lose the ability to find homes themselves. Even though dog meat is rarely eaten in that culture and is fading out of existence, HSUS claims that the dogs come from meat market breeders. Meanwhile, pet ownership is rising quickly with Koreans and there is a large demand for dogs as pets.
Now Animal Rights Activists are upset because the demand for pet dogs is so high that the government plans to expand the dog breeding industry so the Animal Rights groups are now changing up their rhetoric and calling ALL Korean breeders “puppy mills” and demanding that all puppy breeding be banned!
So where are these imported dogs really coming from? Meat Markets? Or, simply dogs bought from Breeders in Korea?
Since nobody knows for sure, the most responsible thing you can do is obtain your next pet in the United States. Adopt OR shop, its your choice!

These are real images of Korean Dog Breeders.

South Korea Puppy Farms Meat Market Dogs South Korea Puppy Farms Meat Market Dogs



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