Factory Farming , is an undefined derogatory phrase used by the animal rights activists as propaganda to lump ALL Farming  facilities together, regardless of how good or bad they are. If animals are used for food such as milk,eggs or meat and money is collected, they are considered a Factory Farm. It doesn’t matter what the conditions are, how many animals are housed, where they are housed, how often they are bred, what medical care is given, etc. The Animal Rights Movement wants everyone to stop drinking milk and eating meat and become vegan. They use the term Factory Farm to make farmers seem evil and inhuman towards animals. However common sense would say that there is good and bad in everything, including farming, but not according to the Animal Rights groups. According to the Vegan Animal Rights movement anyone housing,breeding, or using animal byproducts is heartless and should be stopped. Don’t believe the Animal Rights Lies. Support American Farmers by not falling trap to the term Factory Farm.